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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pretzel Dogs

Pretzel Dogs
(This picture could have been better had my son and daughter not snatch some up the second they came out of the oven!)

One of my husband's favorite things that I make is pretzels.  He loves them and always complains I don't make enough, even when I make double.  I saw this recipe HERE on Buns In My Oven and knew I had to try it.

In this case, I didn't have to change anything, she did an amazing job.

First I started by getting the yeast prepped.

Then made the dough.

After letting it rise, I cut it into 8 pieces with my pizza cutter sprayed with non stick cooking spray and then rolled my ropes out on my mat.  I love the dimensions on this thing makes it so much easier to mindlessly shape.

Once rolled, my kids helped me wrap them around the hot dogs.  

If you've ever made pretzels before or bagels, you've done the baking soda bath before.

Then into the oven.

Then prepare for deliciousness.  The only thing I change about this recipe is the quanitity.  Everyone wants seconds! 

You can print the recipe right off her page HERE.



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